Tribute to Russell E. Horn, Sr. PE

A Legacy of Leadership: Russell E. Horn, Sr., PE (1912-2013)

Russell E. Horn, Sr., PE“If our product is very good, our clients will be very satisfied and we will continue to grow in experience and stature.”

A dynamic and devoted leader, Russell E. Horn’s professional career began in 1945 when he returned from World War II and joined his boyhood friend, Clair S. Buchart, in founding the five-man architectural/engineering firm of Buchart Engineering Corporation. Today, this firm has become Buchart Horn, Inc. /BASCO Associates and with a multi-disciplined approach, this organization has grown into an international company with locations around the world. However, one thing has remained the same – delivering innovative and cost effective solutions to every project.

In 1954, recognizing a need, Mr. Horn created Print-O-Stat, Inc. as an engineering supply and printing company. The unique Print-O-“Stat” name reminded the team to take care of customers quickly, professionally, and with the same sense of urgency, any person would expect from a national industry leader. Today with 10 locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, Print-O-Stat has become a leading turnkey solutions provider for a variety of private and government businesses and industries including construction, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, design and retail consumers.

During his leadership, Mr. Horn launched additional companies to fill a need and in 1970, PACE Resources, Inc. was created as the holding company to bring each entity under one operating force to streamline operations and efficiencies. At its peak, PACE Resources, Inc. was comprised of over 570 employees in 32 locations throughout the United States and Germany and Mr. Horn served as President, CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Through the Years

Through the years, Mr. Horn’s invaluable input contributed to and fostered the ideology of business management evolution. In his Thoughts on Management (1989), Mr. Horn provided his personal interpretation of structural concepts of business and outlined the absolute four basic qualities needed for success – his familiar four basic “P’s” of management. Personnel, Promotion, Production, and Profit encouraged constant improvement in order to achieve the end-result of Product. This fifth “P” (product) was officially added in his Thoughts on Management (2007) publication to showcase the desired end-result.

A licensed professional engineer in Pennsylvania and 19 other states, Mr. Horn received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 1933, and completed courses from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1984, Mr. Horn became a member of the University’s prominent Mount Nittany Society, and in 1987 was named Outstanding Engineering Alumnus by the College of Engineering. He is a charter member of the Board of the Penn State Civil and Environmental Engineering Society.

The Pennsylvania State University honored Mr. Horn in 1990 as an Alumni Fellow. He was among only 26 graduates of the College of Engineering to win that recognition out of an alumni base of approximately 56,000 individuals since 1973, the inception of the Alumni Fellows Program.

May 1, 2001, Russell E. Horn, Sr., P.E. stepped down as Chairman of the Board, and was name Director for Life with the title of Founder.

Mr. Horn served the community in which he lived as a Churchman, Humanitarian, Civic Leader and Public Official. In 2012, he presented a Leadership Gift of $1 million for construction of a student enrichment center at Penn State Harrisburg and he remained actively involved with the companies throughout the remainder of his life.

We honor his legacy of leadership.
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